Mahaska County Courthouse

Sheriff: Visitation

Visitation days are Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. For visitation times for a particular inmate please call 641-673-2591.

Rules for Visitors

Any violation of Mahaska County Jail rules during visitation can result in this privilege being suspended or taken away.

No Personal Property is Allowed in lobby:

  • No wallets or purses
  • No cell phones or other electronic devices
  • No caps or hats
  • No cameras or pictures
  • No toys, etc ...

Note: There are lockers available between the lobby doors. They are 25 cents each; you will receive your quarter back when you return the key to the locker. Please place your personal items in a locker or leave it in your vehicle.

  • No Food, Gum, Beverages or Candy:
    • Baby bottles needed for feeding may be taken in.
  • Coats will be allowed only during inclement/bad weather.
  • No animals except for licensed service animals.
  • No Tobacco- No cigarettes, No smokeless tobacco/chew
  • No person under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs will be allowed to visit.
  • No inappropriate behavior-
    • Examples: No 'flashing' or showing of body parts, No see-through clothing.
  • Keep children under control.
  • Please no shouting or yelling.
  • Only two (2) adults per inmate are allowed to visit per scheduled visitation day.
  • The parent or legal guardian of any person/child under the age of eighteen (18) must accompany the minor and be on the visitation list, the minor does not have to be on the visitation list.
  • Anyone who has been an inmate at the Mahaska County Correctional Facility within the last sixty (60) days is not allowed to visit.

Any questions in reference to visiting an inmate at the Mahaska County Jail, please contact the jail: 641-673-2591